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Propolis Extract (Alcohol Free) FFL30
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We supply Arataki Honey with propolis from our hives.

Arataki Propolis Extract FFL 30 is made from New Zealand Propolis and contains a range of bioflavonoids which may be helpful in maintaining ahealthy immune system.

FFL stands for Final Flavonoid Level and refers to the Total Propolis Flavonoid level found in 1ml of Propolis Extract.  FFL30 guarantees at least 30mg of Propolis Flavonoids per 1ml.

Arataki Propolis is created by New Zealand honey bees from the natural botanical resin produced by trees as part of their defence system.  The honey bees collect the resin, mix in enzymes and beeswax and use it as one of nature's most amazing defence systems to protect the hive.

Arataki Propolis Extract FFL 30 is suitable to help support and maintain oral healthy and general wellbeing.

Strength: FFL30
Volume: 25ml
Appearance: Amber Liquid
Best Before 01/02/2021

Propolis Extract (Alcohol Free) FFL30

Propolis Extract (Alcohol Free) FFL30
NZ $30.44
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