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Feedbee 1kg
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Feedbee™ has been developed from advanced research into:
Honeybee nutritional requirements
the composition of natural pollen

Feedbe™e can be used throughout the year.  Using this protein food will result in benefits such as:
Doubling Brood Rearing
Doubling Colony Population
Doubling Honey Crop

Feedbee™ pollen substitute provides a Highly Digestible Protein with balanced Essential Amino Acids required for Honeybees.  Feedbee™ is comparable with high quality pollen.  Feedbee™ contains 36.4% Protein, 3.9% Fat, 41.8% Carbohydrates, 10% naturally occurring Sugar, 3.1% Minerals

Overseas research in many countries has proved that Feedbee™ is more acceptable to Bees and does not reduce the bees working lifespan which other protein supplements may do.  Since 1948 many types of pollen/protein supplements have been tried around the world, including Casein and Soya flour based bee products.  Feedbee™ has been developed to work with the bees ability to digest and gain benefit, as close as possible, to high quality nutritional natrual pollen.

Feedbee™ provides to colonies a High Level of Vitamins and Minerals that are the key to bees' resistance against common diseases and pests.  In New Zealand we are fortunate that we do not have many of the diseases found in beehives around the world, but it will help boost our bees, enabling them to cope better.

Feedbee™ enhances the bees' immunity system whereas other protein supplements may weaken the bees' ability to cope with stress and disease.

Feedbee 1kg

Feedbee Pollen Substitute 1kg
NZ $17.39
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