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Diary of a Beekeepers Wife - What we do.

Back by popular demand - What's going on and what's happening with the bees.

May 2020

Mid May - Level 2 and things are slowly getting back to the new normal.  Youngest Daughter is back at school this week.  Middle Son has a couple of weeks of work now the cows have dried off so has ventured outside the farm and gone shopping for the first time in months.  Oldest Daughter is working hard doing her University work online and keeping the house warm for us.  Stephen is back a few days a week doing his Industrial Electrician work and I have a lot of honey to extract.

6 May - It was a bit cold last night.  Got up this morning and found out why - the mountain is covered in snow.  Still have to get out and look after the bees, get the honey off and home.

 20200506            20200518

1 May - Oldest Daughter has decided that now we have moved to Level 3 she wants to come home.  No flights to New Plymouth so she will fly to Auckland and we will go an pick her up.  No stopping on the way (can't there are no toilets or anything open).  Get home safely and she is happy to be home.  

April 2020

8 April - It's Oldest Daughter's 21st Birthday and she had planned on spending a week in Greece with a friend.  With that all cancelled she is spending it with her flatmates in Christchurch - she is not very impressed.  We have all agreed it is just postponed until we can all be there.

In the meantime Youngest Daughter is doing her High School studies online at home and we continue to look after our bees.

March 2020

It was a shock to everyone when we we heard the news of the Lockdown.  Until then it didn't seem real.  COVID-19 had arrived in New Zealand and if we didn't all stay home it would spread.  Youngest Daughter (16) stayed home and the school holidays came early.  Oldest Daughter (20) decided she would stay in Christchurch and continue her Uni Studies online.  Middle Son (19) works on the dairy farm next door so was happy to keep working in his bubble.  Stephen and myself were told to work from home with our other jobs so as beekeeping was classed as an essential service we started working solely Beekeeping and looking after the bees - without interacting with anyone outside our bubble.

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